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Merit Consulting was founded by Jim Irving. The mission of Merit Consulting is simple:

"The company exists to help its clients become more effective in their own marketplace, gain more from their technology and data, and maximise the return on people and technology investments they have already made."


Jim Irving has worked in the IT marketplace for nearly 30 years. He has worked with major blue-chip technology suppliers such as DEC, Wang, Sequent, Amdahl, SGI and Information Builders. Jim has helped and supported organisations like GE, Royal Bank of Scotland, BT, Tui, CORUS, The WM Company, Interbrew, General Accident, BP, Marathon Oil, Co-op Bank and RSA.

His career was initially sales-focussed but over time he moved to marketing management and then broader and increasingly senior general management roles. His penultimate corporate role was managing a $200m EMEA-wide business operation and he then became the UK Managing Director for one of the world’s largest Business Intelligence vendors.

This sustained success - in many different environments - led Jim to create Merit Consulting.


In addition to a broad range of experience-based management and consulting skills, Jim is also a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, a visiting lecturer to the MBA School at Napier University, a member of the Institute of Directors and he has been, in recent years, a frequent speaker at industry and business conferences and events.


Merit Consulting will always-

  • Be honest, open and diligent in its business dealing
  • Be pragmatic and direct as it consults
  • Be easy to do business with
  • Be independent (not quite, mostly or usually!)
  • Be demonstrably cost effective for its clients
  • Prove the value that will be - and then is - added
  • Be friendly and open
  • Be there for the long term, not for a single engagement

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