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Breakthrough Technologies

In the IT marketplace there are some strong and developing trends. Common problems are occurring across all sectors - in the same way and to the same effect. Merit have looked at these common - and growing - problems and teamed up with leading-edge suppliers of complementary technology designed to address the issues.

Data and Information Volumes

There is now simply too much information to be managed, moved and stored. The impact of this trend can be seen in your own answers to these questions -

  • Can you quickly, safely and easily transmit all the files you need to work with (including PowerPoint, PDF, TIFF, GIF?)
  • Do business applications, downloads and transfers all happen in a timely manner?
  • Are backups always completed - in an appropriate window, without impacting users or data availability?
  • Are you able to easily access, manipulate and inquire on all the potentially relevant data you hold?
  • Can you afford to hold and access all the historical data you want?
  • Are your large files secure and compliant (in Data protection terms) when you transmit them over the web or your internal network?
  • Is network bandwidth restricting your ability to grow and develop your business?
  • Are network and/or storage costs a growing problem for you?

ConceptIP uses revolutionary new algorithms and digital compression techniques to massively (up to 90%) reduce the file size of the new generation ‘Very Large File’ standards (PowerPoint, PDF, GIF, TIFF and 250 others). This makes them easier to store, move and manipulate while reducing network bandwidth and storage costs. Automatic encryption also ensures high level of security.

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CopperEye redefines the cost versus performance tradeoff for companies needing to capture, store and access large volumes of business data. Founded in 2000, CopperEye’s core intellectual property is a revolutionary data indexing technology that requires dramatically less system resource to cope with high transaction rates and large data volumes. The CopperEye DataBlade is easily implemented and the performance has been documented in several benchmarks conducted jointly with IBM. For the Informix market, the CopperEye DataBlade takes advantage of the Informix architecture to deliver CopperEye’s unique high-performance indexing as a seamless component of the Informix platform. CopperEye is an approved IBM Business Partner.

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Peribit delivers a new approach to network performance optimisation. As the fastest growing pre-IPO company in Silicon Valley, Peribit allows its customers to reduce batch and backup times, avoid hardware and network upgrades and improve customer satisfaction. Rather than ever fatter pipes and higher hardware/network costs, Peribit delivers an intelligent - and tested - alternative which is enjoying phenomenal success in the network infrastructure marketplace.

Merit represents these dynamic organisations as they deliver their ‘disruptive technologies’ into the market. The combination of these technologies ensures that you can make better use your technology investment, gain more from the data you hold, collaborate more effectively, make your customers/users happier AND save money at the same time. Contact us at for more information.

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